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Mr. Dave Connell suggests that perhaps my values need a major overhaul because I don’t agree with him that view preservation in Laguna is a huge issue while banning plastic grocery bags is a little tiny issue (“Panning Some Banning,” Letters, Sept. 23).


Regarding view preservation, “I have no dog in that hunt” right now. I was simply pointing out Mr. Connell’s hypocrisy in decrying the bans he doesn’t think are important while simultaneously calling for additional bans.


Apparently plastic grocery bags foul the ocean and kill sea creatures, which are not smart enough to avoid eating our plastic crap.


On the other hand, according to Mr. Connell, it is a devastating inconvenience for him to have to carry his groceries home in a paper bag instead of the “useful” plastic ones (…er, that foul the ocean and kill sea life).


Whose values need a major overhaul?


James Dorf, Laguna Beach

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