Warning to Flip-Flop Wearing Drivers



On Sept. 13, as many of us do every day, I was driving in flip-flop sandals.

I was in the process of leaving the Whole Foods parking lot to turn onto Ocean Avenue, and after waiting for an opening in traffic, I began to pull out of the driveway.  As I switched my right foot from the brake to the gas pedal, the flip-flop on my right foot wedged behind the brake and twisted. When I tried to dislodge the sandal, the top portion of the sandal applied full-throttle pressure to the accelerator, shooting my car across Ocean Avenue and into a parked car.  The impact created a deafening and frightening sound, deployed the air bags and jammed me into my seat.

Within minutes, I was being assisted by police, fire and paramedic personnel, and then taken to Mission Hospital, where I was also well cared for.

It is difficult for me to consider what could have happened if my car had struck a sidewalk full of pedestrians rather than a parked car.

I share this terrifying personal experience to caution others of the dangers of driving in flip-flop sandals.  The potential for danger is not worth the ease and comfort flip-flops provide.

Lastly, I received good advice from one of the officers who came to my aid.  He simply stated that when he is wearing flip-flops, he slips them off before driving, adding, “It is not against the law to drive bare-footed.”


Carl Post, Laguna Beach

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