Wanted for Posterity: Views Erased by Time


 History hunters need now and then photo locations


The Fisherman’s Hut in Boat Canyon and gazebo in Shaw's Cove were photographed by Roger Sumner 1925-32.

Arcadia Publishing developed a nitch exploiting local history with its “Images of America” paperbacks about local towns, including 2009’s edition about Laguna Beach. Author Claire Vogel relied heavily on the Laguna Beach Historical Society and its treasurer Gene Felder.


The company now is pursuing a “Then and Now” pictorial series and this time Felder is teaming up with Foster Eubank as authors.


But Indy readers can help play a role in making sure the authors record town history precisely. Eubank, who grew up in Laguna, will be spending this summer taking contemporary photos of scenes previously captured in historic photos. Felder will research information to provide the text for the book.


The authors need help in finding precise “Now” locations to recreate the exact location of the  historical “Then” photo. The perfect angle might be on private property, said Felder, who is counting on residents to pinpoint locations and provide feedback.


Felder can be reached at 949 939-7257. Information or access suggestions for Eubank should be directed to 702-219-7243.


Laguna Lumber Company photo is from after 1915 and before 1919. Now the Laguna Lumberyard Restaurant, the Norman-style building was the home of Laguna Beach Lumber from 1919-1975, according to the city Historic Resources Inventory.

“Boat Canyon was thus named because it was the best boat landing place along the coast,” according to Joseph S. Thurston’s 1947 book, “Laguna Beach of Early Days.” “There was a man who had a shack at this place, and who made his living fishing. He was from Chile and was known as the Chilean. There were several boats that were owned by the campers. These were freely used, both for fishing and for pleasure. The Chilean sold fish and one that weighed 10 or 15 pounds would bring 25 cents, but I came over one day after there had been a heavy run and there was a great string of them hanging in front of his place that were offered at 10 cents each, so I bought my first fish. Everyone was full of fish, and they were not selling.”

 According to Laguna Beach Historical Society records, the fisherman’s hut below Boat Canyon was built by two fishermen, Refugio Coronado and Jovencio Duarte about 1913. Cowboy movie star Tom Mix had a solitary house on the bluff. By the time of the photo above it may be the dark building on the right side.



 Pomona College Marine Laboratory, later 140 N. Coast Boulevard, was built in 1913. Note Nate Brooks barn on Main Beach.







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