Weather or Not


Highlights of 2009

By Dennis McTighe



Hottest Days: 93° – Aug. 28, Nov. 3

Coldest Nights: 34° – Jan. 8, Dec. 21

Strongest Wind: 47 m.p.h. from the WNW on Monday, Dec. 14

Highest Barometer: 30.32 inches on Nov. 3

Lowest: 29.53 inches on Dec. 14

Warmest Ocean Temp: 77° on Aug. 3-5

Coldest Water Temp: 53° – Jan. 15-18

Biggest Swell: July 24-26, 10-12 ft. from SSW

Heaviest 24-hour rain total: 1.13 inches on Dec. 3

Not one thunderstorm in Laguna in 2009. First year ever!

Kind of an uneventful year. It’s only rained five times on New Year’s Day since records have been kept.


See you in 2010.


Dennis McTighe served as a meteorologist at Hickam Air Force Base, Hawaii, from 1969- 1972, and was a NOAA forecaster from 1979 to 1993. He earned a degree in earth sciences from UC San Diego. “I even pulled off a 3.7 GPA back when I still had an attention span.”

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