Wisdom Workout: Other Ways of Seeing

By Susan McNeal Velasquez

There was a casual gathering of Laguna locals last week. The opportunity to listen and participate in these types of events is enriching and one of the special pleasures of being a part of this community.

One conversation that particularly sparked my interest happened after being introduced to a bright, articulate woman who is also a writer. The person who introduced us mentioned this column.

The young women’s response was: “Oh yes, I try to read your column but sometimes can’t get through it.” She paused and then added: “It’s deep.” That made me laugh. Since she was being refreshingly candid, I assured her that she’s not alone and when my appetite for deep and meaningful vacates, I can’t read my column either.

Issues that have surfaced in my seminars or personal consultations during the week spark many of the topics I write about. As new ways of seeing and understanding these challenges surface, it creates a desire to share the insights with you.

The introduction of new ways of thinking about commonly shared life events often leads to another point of view that might provide some guidance and direction on how to best handle the ups and downs that continuously surface in all our lives.

It is unsatisfying to be seduced by a magazine’s lead line, take the time to read the content, and come away empty-handed. Therefore, I guess I thrive on deep.

When writing this column, my attitude is that I am writing to you. Just you. We are having an intimate conversation that we didn’t pre-plan. It just happens and since the opportunity presents itself, I want to make the best of it.

My use of language is often indirect rather than boldly stated. Subtlety allows new perceptions to surface and enrich our basic awareness. Often, I am attempting to talk about aspects of life that are not so obvious and therefore can evoke feelings that are less than comfortable.

25. When I started out, I wanted to find the answers to life’s big questions. I assumed there were concrete answers and therefore, every problem must have a solution and the faster the better.

Over the years, my point of view has shifted from pinpointing solutions to asking for new insights and delving into new questions. My main frame of reference is how I can foster more discernment in myself and those I work with, so that we are better equipped to respond to life’s challenges rather than to over-react due to a limited understanding of the nature of the challenges we face.

I am intrigued by the subtleties that sneak up and derail us when we least expect it. The big problems usually show up with so much bravado that we rise to the occasion. It is the unintended consequences of decisions that we’ve made or avoided that become problematic, if we let them.

Sometimes we are confronted with an upsetting situation that surfaces in our personal or business lives. We get caught up in twisting and turning it in our minds like a Rubik’s cube and end up more frustrated, confused and out of control than when we started.

My intent is to create an opportunity to present directions that you haven’t considered, or to simply give you an opportunity to loosen a too tight hold on a stressful situation and perhaps that’s all. If I can remove some worry from your over-burdened shoulders, than I feel satisfied with my contribution.

There is nothing to remember unless something is useful and then it will be accepted into your thinking. If you arrive at the end of a column and can’t remember a thing but you feel lighter, brighter and better, that is the highest and best outcome imaginable.


Susan is the author of: Beyond Intellect: Journey Into the Wisdom of Your Intuitive Mind. Contact her at: susanvelauez.com or (949) 494-7773.

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