The Art of Politicking

Zac Egge’s “Futureland,” part of a group show of commentary on the U.S. flag.

AR4T Gallery presents “Futureland 2012: The American Flag,” a group art and graphic design show in which a group of 21 artists are asked for their interpretation of the U.S.  flag.

The exhibit features original artwork by Gordon Holden, Dennis McNett, Nick Simich, Electric Coffin, Sticky Shaw, Zac Egge, Emily Hoy, Craig “Skibs” Barker, Sophie St. Onge, Taylor Reeve, Adam Mars, Russ Pope, Patrick Carrie, Carl E. Smith, Trace Mendoza, Danny Schutt, David Blake, Matt Tackett, Corey Smith, Daniel Rolnik and The Brainfarts.

“Futureland 2012: The American Flag” runs Oct. 4-28, at AR4T Gallery, 210 N. Coast Highway. The show serves as a prelude to AR4T Gallery’s first politically charged “Elephants & Asses” group show, where artists are given free reign to say what they will about politics, candidates, and the direction of the country before the 2012 presidential election.  This, the first and possibly only political group show, lasts for six days, Nov. 1-6.

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