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Shopping Doldrums

Susan Velasquez

Last week I was invited to lunch at an elegant French restaurant in South Coast Plaza. I was excited because I was finally going to have a face-to-face meeting with a woman who I met years ago by phone, as a result of writing this column.

I decided to go early and do some shopping. I wandered in and out of stores. I was ready and willing to shop. Eager even. I browsed the racks waiting for something to peak my interest. Nothing caught my eye, so I moved on to the shoe department. No luck there either. Some brands that I enjoy have apparently had a self-esteem adjustment and now sport a price tag of $200 plus for what I would label as nothing special.

I finally abandoned my quest and settled for the toy store and a stop at See’s Candies to help the Easter Bunny out. I settled into window-shopping as I headed for my lunch date. As I passed the different high-end shops, I couldn’t help wondering who wears these fashions? I understand that the women from “Sex and the City” wear Jimmy Choo shoes and are obviously familiar with all the top designers, but that is only four women and they probably don’t pay for their clothes.

There weren’t very many people in the mall that day but even so, most of them were wearing jeans, a casual top and flip-flops. Now I know women who shop at discount stores and swear that they find unbelievable bargains.  I get overwhelmed in those stores. Too much stuff piled all over the place under the glare of florescent lights.  Ten minutes in and I can feel myself sinking into a depression. So, bargain shopping doesn’t work for me. High-end seems to have lost its appeal also since I fail to see that the quality of the merchandise warrants the elevated prices.

Here’s what I am wondering. When the designer clothes don’t sell, does the surplus end up in places like Target and so eventually the low-end and high-end stores all end up carrying the exact same thing?

Since cheaply made goods seem to be the norm, what is the justification for the elevated prices? Is it just me or are we in the fashion doldrums lately? Maybe I’m just not traveling in the right circles.


Susan offers intuition seminars locally and is the author of: Beyond Intellect: Journey Into the Wisdom of Your Intuitive Mind. Contact her at www.susanvelasquez.com or (949) 494-7773.


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