Work on Odor Control at “Glenneyre Dip” Continues

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After addressing comments gleaned from two previous meetings about eliminating sewer odors at the “Glenneyre Dip,” the Water Quality Department will present the revised project to the Design Review Board on Thursday, Nov. 8.

To prevent odors, city staff proposes to install a Biological Odor Control Unit, called the IBOx, at the Bluebird SOCWA Lift Station site. In addition to the new odor control facility, the project includes replacing the existing staircase from Glenneyre Street to Galen Drive and adding a decomposed granite path with guardrails around the lift station facility.

The public is encouraged to attend Nov. 8 to learn about the project and attend and participate in the hearing.  For more information, contact Hannah Johnson at [email protected]

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