Christy Acquires Laguna’s ‘Yosemite’

Mark Christy

Mark Christy

The acquisition of Aliso Creek Inn and Golf Course was announced Thursday by a private investment group led by lifetime Laguna Beach resident and business owner Mark Christy. Terms were not disclosed.

Laguna Beach Golf & Bungalow Village, LLC purchased the property from Aliso Creek Properties, LLC, which has owned the property since 2004.

“Our investment group is primarily comprised of local, like-minded individuals who share a deep love and respect for this iconic property,” said Christy, the group’s managing member, in a statement.

“There is something genuinely magical and timeless about this natural setting. A friend aptly describes it as ‘Yosemite in Laguna.’ With that in mind, we plan to preserve its integrity while embracing the future.”

Aliso Creek Inn and Golf Course features a 62-room hotel, course and a 15,000-foot restaurant with views of verdant Aliso Canyon and the golf course. The 87-acre property developed 60 years ago

is situated between Aliso and Wood Canyons Regional Park to the north and Aliso Beach and the Pacific Ocean to the south. The property’s history dates back to 1871 when homesteaders George and Sarah Thurston staked claim to the site.

“This property holds a special place in my heart,” said Christy. “My late father taught me to play golf on these fairways when I was about 8 years old. Years later, I taught my own son the game on this course, and it is still our “go to” spot when we need quality time together.”

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  2. Mohan

    I remember this property. Hope all is well with Mark Christy.

    Plotted Easements – Title Engineer
    FNF India

  3. Les Miklosy

    Will the new resort owners welcome access to the Pacific Coast from Woods Canyon Regional Park by hikers and cyclists? Access would mean passage through the 87 acre Resort. How about access to the South Laguna shopping mall for South Laguna Residents who search for an alternative to driving Pacific Coast Highway?

  4. Dana PointCyclist

    I second Les, please allow access path through this property, long time dream of many local residents who’d love a safe bike/walk route to the coast or to the canyon.
    I believe nice food/drink stop in the canyon would be great and I don’t think I am alone in saying that I would also happily patronize the club’s restaurant/snack grill if the path was setup.

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