Who Cut Down the Tree Ordinance?


What has happened to our view ordinance with “teeth” in it?  It seems to have completely fizzed out and fallen apart in favor of the stubborn tree people.

After fighting this thing for nearly a year and a half with great hope for a resolution that would favor our spectacular view sheds we are being stomped into the mud once again. This is so unfair and upsetting.

The people with the views are the very same people growing the trees that block the rest of us. What is fair about that? The current hedge ordinance has worked for me with the patch of ficus trees behind my house that threaten my beautiful Catalina view. Now I can expect to lose that too? And why do I have to indemnify the city to fight on my behalf?  I don’t have that kind of free cash available.

The people with the money are the people up in the “front row” who grow the trees behind them that block our views. I have tried to work with some of these people and they don’t budge even when I offer to pay for their tree trimming services.

Why can’t the city get something done finally?  I guess this means more people will find themselves in the police blotter for cutting down offensive vegetation in the dead of the night. Wait till the next fire with all these overgrown Eucalyptus trees and bushes.  Maybe then people will wake up to their indifference.

Marsha Bianchi, Laguna Beach

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