Gallerist Delivers Graduation Address

he 2011 graduate class from the Laguna College of Art & Design received diplomas on Monday.

On Monday, 61 bachelor of fine arts and 13 master of fine arts students in the Laguna College of Art & Design participated in commencement ceremonies.

“It has been very rewarding, and humbling, to be president of the college and look out at the graduating seniors, and their families, and know that the team we’ve assembled and supported over the years will make all the difference in the graduates’ young lives,” said President Dennis Power, who will retire this summer after serving in the post since 2006. “They will go on to do good work and, in fact, many of them will go on to do great things, and the reward is knowing we had a part in that.”

Guest speaker Malissa Feruzzi Shriver, left, with the college’s chairman Stevan Gromet, and Laguna Beach Mayor Toni Iseman.

Keynote speaker and recipient of an honorary doctoral degree Malissa Feruzzi is chair of the California Arts Council and owner of Feruzzi Fine Arts. As an artist, she works in oils and specializes in both originals and recreations of old master paintings. She studied painting and sculpture at UCLA and comes from a family of accomplished artists.



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