Skateboarder Not Perfect, But a Good Kid

In response to Dr. Farley Brown’s letter “Speaking Out About a Reckless Skateboarder,” my encounter with this young man was quite the contrary. I pulled over one day to talk with him about speed skating and he was approachable, soft spoken, respectful, informative and articulate.  I highly doubt he’s a perfect kid, perhaps Dr. Farley Brown has raised one of those.

I don’t skate. I don’t have a kid who skates. There are no skateboards in my life and there never have been. But I’ve adjusted for these skateboarders. I watch for them and I expect them as I drive around the community, as I should do. They are there, they are a part of this active community and they have just as much right to the use of our roads as everybody else. If I have to slow down for them once in a while, it isn’t any different than doing so for a crosswalk, a rogue pedestrian, the mail truck, kids from the school bus or an older man walking along the side of a the road with a cane.

Vicki High

Laguna Beach

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