Another Close Call



Well, I had another near miss today.  First, three of them went by me when I was almost to the stop sign.  The fourth one was a few seconds behind.  As I started to proceed through the intersection, he came flying around the corner WITH HIS HAND UP as if to tell me to stop.  Thanks for the tip, my friend, but I already made my stop at the sign.

This is the second time this week that I have seen groups of skateboarders flying through stop signs on Bluebird Canyon Road.  What do you say we all just start flying through stop signs at 25 mile per hour?

I stayed neutral on this for a long time, but then guess what happened?  My 16 year old got a drivers license.  So do about 25 other 16 year olds every month in this town.  Now I wonder:  Is she going to stop in time?  Will she panic and hit the gas instead of the break?

Will the heart pounding, near miss for me turn into a tragedy for her because of her inexperience?

By all means, fly down the hill at the posted speed limit, I am willing to share the road.  But if you think you can continue to come around blind corners and run stop signs at 25 miles per hour and not suffer any consequences, well, you’re right.  Because, nobody seems to want to do anything about it around here.

Sandy Jones

Laguna Beach

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