Striding for a Little Known Cause

Cory Skyler, a descendant of Lewis and Clark’s interpreter and scout George Drouillard, walked through Laguna Beach this past Tuesday on a journey nearly as improbable as that of the famous 1804 explorers. His aim is raising awareness for a campaign by California’s indigenous people to regain the sacred ancestral land that was taken from them by the Spaniards in 1769.

Cory Skyler

Cory Skyler

An actor and former junior speed skating champion who now works in public relations, Skyler got the idea for the walk after hearing the chair of the Carmel tribe of Monterey, Tony Cerda, describe his desire to return his people to their ancestral land during a recent speech in San Francisco.

Skyler pledged to walk through 85 coastal cities and towns where California’s indigenous people once lived, encouraging any one who will listen to visit www.indiegogo.com and pledge their support for Cerda’s people.

According to the website, the Costanoan Rumsen Carmel Tribe is trying to purchase ancestral land near Monterey and build a model village where everyone can visit and experience, through story, song, and dance, the lost culture of the Ohlone people.

The first leg of Skyler’s Indiegogo–Ohlone Village Expedition Walk began Monday at San Diego’s Imperial Beach and ended in Oceanside. Skyler moved up to Laguna Beach, once occupied by the Acachemem and Juaneño band of Mission Indians, for the second leg. He also hoped to make stops in Newport Beach, Seal Beach, Redondo Beach, Santa Monica and Malibu.  The third leg was set to begin in Oxnard on Wednesday, Aug. 14

It’s unclear exactly how many miles Skyler will cover on foot, but he plans to walk from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. for seven straight days, staying in local motels along the way. The journey ends Aug. 19 at Smith River, Calif., just south of the Oregon border.


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  1. Alex Hoffman

    I saw this good looking guy on the KUSI Morning Show in San Diego. He mentioned you can find the campaign by going to google and search for (Indiegogo Ohlone Village). I really like that Cory is walking for all Indigenous people because this is something that has never been done. At least in the way hes doing it, walking 86 cities is in my opinion an expedition in itself. Finally we have someone standing up for the Indigenous people. Much Love to you Cory!!!

  2. Sean Smith

    Very impressive to see a descendant of George Drouillard with Lewis and Clark walking to gain an awareness for the Indiegogo Ohlone Village campaign. Keep it going.

  3. Alva Lee

    I saw Cory on KUSI The Morning Show. He conducted himself in a great way conveying his message for why he was doing this long walk. David Davis the host on KUSI is an idiot. He intimidated and questioned Cory Skyler Drouillard instead of helping him get the message across. Good job though Cory for standing firm on Live television for all Indigenous people!!!

  4. Jennifer Camden

    The Lewis and Clark Expedition is one of the most amazing journeys that has ever taken place in American History. This guy needs to be on TV more hes hot.

  5. Crystal Reece

    I read about Indiegogo Ohlone Village on HollywoodToday. I didn’t know that Cory was walking through 86 cities???? Very courageous. If I lived in California I would walk with him.

  6. Chris Kemp

    This guy is a National Champion Speed Skater I’m sure he can handle it.

  7. Jack Robertson

    The Native Americans should get a lot of support on this. They were here in what we call today the United States before the Lewis and Clark Expedition started. Its a shame this has been covered up for so long. Good Luck to your walk Cory and be safe.

  8. Marilyn M

    I live in Laguna Beach area and wish you luck. Drink lots of Gatorade!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  10. Stephanie Vinesse

    One thing is for sure he’s very attractive.

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