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I was heartened to read “Where Are the Young Activists” in the Oct. 9 edition of the Indy. The gist of the letter was women of a certain age berating the generation of younger women and men for not joining in a support Planned Parenthood demonstration. The self proclaimed “Pretty in Pink” demonstrators concluded that the young women did not attend because they must be at work; then disparaged them for not taking the time off work as the demonstrators did in years past.

“They must be at work”…apparently it’s unfathomable to these demonstrators that a woman might have an opinion unrelated to their ovaries. Perhaps the younger generation has a conscience and cannot imagine standing up for an organization that butchers live babies/fetuses for body parts. This is heinous and unrelated to ones position on the unnamed procedure in the letter, abortion; the pivotal procedure the Pretty in Pinks fought so hard for decades ago. And please stop perpetuating the lie that PP offers mammograms. The clinics do not have mammogram machines. PP merely refers patients to other clinics for mammograms.

Margaret Sanger, a proponent of eugenics, founded PP with the express Hitlerian purpose of ridding the world of those she deemed undesirables; specifically African Americans, poor people and other minority immigrants. This is well documented. She even presented her black genocide ideas to the Klu Klux Klan, who wholeheartedly endorsed her. Still today, 78% of Planned Parenthood clinics are located in minority neighborhoods.

Where are the young activists?…perhaps they are on the opposing side of the PP issue like the young males the author vilified in the online version of her letter that the Indy apparently deemed unsuitable for the printed edition. “…The curses and thumbs down sign were perplexing to me, attached to the hands of young men like flaccid phallic symbols.” Seriously!!!

Kudos to the younger generation with a conscience. There’s hope for the future!


Stephen Tygh, Laguna Beach

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