Village Laguna’s Charm House Tour on the horizon


Isn’t Laguna Beach such a wonderful town! Such special events and places include the Patriots Day Parade, Hortense Miller Garden, and the Village Laguna Charm House Tour, among others.

If you want to really enjoy a day savoring some of the wonderful homes in Laguna Beach, the Village Laguna Charm House tour is coming up. It is the Sunday after Mother’s Day, May 19.

This year’s tour focuses on homes in Laguna Canyon. You may start your tour anytime between 12 and 3 p.m. The buses run continuously from the Festival of Arts grounds and transport you to the houses.

Over 100 people volunteer their time on tour day to greet participants. This event proudly presents an inside look at those homes whose owners have graciously agreed to share with the public. The Charm House Tour creates camaraderie and brings people together for one fun-filled day.

Village Laguna was founded in 1971 when concerned citizens opposed the construction of high-rise buildings along the coastline. Due to these early efforts, the city adopted a 36-ft height limit on building height. An impenetrable wall of high-rise structures was averted, and today, residents and visitors alike enjoy some of the most splendid scenery found along the California coast.

Village Laguna’s goal is to preserve and promote the village atmosphere, and over the years, it has helped make Laguna Beach such a wonderful place. Efforts and accomplishments have included the creation of Main Beach Park, donations to local nonprofit organizations, historic preservation of our downtown and special neighborhoods, support of local businesses, celebration of Laguna’s cultural heritage, acquisition of open space greenbelt lands, restoration of natural waterways and ocean environments and support local city and school board candidates.

Gene Felder, president of the Top of the World Neighborhood Association 

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  1. Here we go again with the charm house tour.

    With regards to Gene Felder (known Village Laguna associate and using another title of Top of the World Neighborhood association to promote the Charm House tour, his letter was nothing more than an ad. F

    Do you really want to fund Village Laguna?

    Do the residents know that the Charm House tour funds against our townspeople?
    Such as city council candidates like George Weiss, who cost us so much money as City Councilman by chasing away Shoreh Dupuis and our town had to pay her off $300,000+ to go away, or violating the Brown Act by his conspiring to keep Hotel Laguna Closed.

    Village Laguna pushed/supported and sponsored George Weiss and we paid dearly for it.

    DO not use your hard earned money to fund this group. Much better organizations out there like the Garden Club who stay non political. Buyer beware

  2. WOW, well that was really ugly..I want to thank Village laguna, and particularly George Weiss who has been truly the only one to stand up for residents, whom is totally transparent and accountable. I must say I am quite shocked at these allegations which were put to rest awhile back..the Shoreh Dupris story is quite the episode in Laguna’s history, George literally stayed away from the woman, had nothing to do with her lies and fable’s about someone vandalizing her house, lying to the police and carrying on with no discretion when it came to Honarkar, that was all up to her, she created her own demise, paying her $300,000, nah, but what they did pay her was wrong, As 2 of the people on council were fully wrapped up with her games and wanted to be without guilt. The woman was blatantly fired..with cause. As far as Village Laguna, thank God for all their help in not allowing the town to look like Long Beach they have been nothing but an asset (no, I am not a member). India, are you not part of the group that tried to get Peter Blake re-elected and had contacted a prestigious Republican group to pay for his brochures by telling them he was a Republican, which he is not. You supported a person that degraded women in the community, actually higher educated then he was and quite successful. this is what your group stands for and now after all is said and done, you are right back doing this again..well, I hope this time you will actually look at facts..By the way our town has never been happier since Shoreh is gone (Whom Peter installed) and we can look forward to the Hotel Laguna operating as a part of the community again. I think you need to move on.

  3. Dear Village Laguna,

    I wanted to extend an invitation to all of you to observe the recent demolition of a former “Charm House” on Aster Street. Last year, we captured a short video of the demolition process, which I thought might be of interest to your members.

    You may recall the challenges we faced when some VL members supported the appeal to the city council, almost halting our project. The associated costs of defending ourselves amounted to nearly $6,000 and was very a difficult time for us.

    I hope you’ll take a moment to watch the video and reflect on the changes within our community and maybe in the future our new home can be part of the charm that is Laguna!

    If you have instagram it can be seen here:


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