Letter: Crime stats release took too long


Crime statistics: As any good detective (or readers/writers of who-done-it literature) can tell you, there are no coincidences.

So, “coincidentally” with the publication of Michele Monda’s latest column, voila! The annual report/update Ms. Monda petitioned the city council for was released and published.

First, Chief Calvert and his staff should be congratulated for the apparent good news regarding key crime rate reductions. Unlike many, I didn’t support replacing him.

But let’s ask ourselves: Why should this particular report take so long after Jan. 1? Obviously, simple collating and the compilation release date are city manager and/or mayoral decisions, correct?

Ms. Monda’s vigilance regarding transparency is an integral element of publishing such data for residents’ scrutiny. Tourists/visitors should be kept informed to assist them in deciding how safe our city is for themselves and their families to hang out in, too.

Seems there’s an obvious solution here: A pre-determined date certain each year, perhaps Feb. 1?

I mean c’mon, the LBPD must track this data constantly, cumulatively, so allowing one month seems more than adequate for what’s basically a summation, right?

Mid-April is unacceptable. We, The People, have a right to know, and it’s not “rocket science.”

Roger E. Bütow, 52-year Laguna Beach resident

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  1. Thank you. It’s clear we have been without a permanent City Manager for far too long.

    Dave Kiff our new City Manager should address the issue of designated department reporting deadlines and public presentations asap.

    There is no excuse for our critical public safety department to take 4 months after year end to provide a comprehensive public safety report to the public it serves. Nor should it take public pressure on city council members to get it.

    Crime concerns are increasing in our town. The only way to assure residents that we are safe is to practice full transparency and communicate directly with citizens.

  2. Shouldn’t we get a summary regarding Marine Safety, Fire/EMT and the LBPD by February 1st every year.
    Since we’re so reliant upon visitors, it would help them make decisions as nearly all plan any overnight stay (or longer) well in advance?
    Residents deserve that info as well, to know how safe or not safe our City is…..Departments related to health and safety MUST keep running totals, so as I wrote, the City Manager’s office/staff has a month to generate and fact check these reports.
    NOT released individually or unilaterally, but carry the CM’s accuracy certification as a protocol and City policy.
    Then the buck stops where it should. And it removes or at minimum reduces distrust or challenges being presently expressed.
    The CM’s office needs to provide the fiduciary oversight management that the release of individual department staff reports might not bring.

  3. It appears that our city management feels pandering, prostitution and pimping are accepted practices. Incidence at 14 West this past week seemed to be ignored. Charges were filed. Whats next?.

  4. Well, We paid for the interm city manager so why are all these reports so late? Don’t we have like over 300 city employee’s we are paying + pensions? If our city takes on LCR, Coast Hwy and we have already taken on the south beaches, our employee’s will increase substantially..so will our bills and costs and liability. Is there no one that is actually Managing our city? in fact the last city manager was not actually managing our city, to much time was spent on handling her drama. The point being, we have too many employee’s and very little management. Our Mayor seems to keep taking on more and more of growing the city but not using due diligence in relationship to residents. We do not have competent employees and desperately need Leaders that consider all, listen to all and serve..I am not sure we have any! We as a community need to be active and have some control..Laguna right now is like a run-away train or should I say trolley. Watch how you vote and demand that you have access to the CC meetings so you have a voice!


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