Acknowledging the Sustainable Effort




I felt compelled to write in regarding the personal attacks and jabs that were given towards Scott Tenney in lasts week’s letters (“Newest Cottage Plan Lacks Merit,” Letters, June 10)


How quick and easy it is to judge and put other people down. If we are driving cars, have anything in our house made of plastic, or buy anything that isn’t made in our home town (wasn’t shipped or driven to our doorstep ) then aren’t we supporting BP just as much as Scott?


Scott’s plan and financial offer to help move and restore these historical homes and build an ecology center may not be foolproof or the right idea for everyone, but at the very least I think he should be acknowledged and thanked for trying to find local solutions for our global problems.


Let’s work together not against each other towards a more sustainable community.


Elise Higley, Laguna Beach

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