Appreciation for Acknowledging Patriotism

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Many thanks to the Laguna Beach Independent for covering our annual memorial “Remembering With Flowers and Flags,” May 31 edition).

It was rewarding to see the many children, veterans and other patriots attending this function. It is to remember the fallen and for the youth of our community that we do this so they know that what they have did not come easily and as said many times, “freedom is not free.”

When you think of George Washington and his men walking barefoot in the snow (no shoes, no food, and very little ammunition) and winning our independence, you get an idea of the sacrifices made by so many of our people.

We are willing to give up everything for freedom….property, wealth, our good name, including our lives if needed. That’s what freedom means to us.

Thanks again Independent!


Norm Abbod, Laguna Beach

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