Article Omitted a Light Show Contributor

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Your article “Lasers Light Up Main Beachgoers“, which appeared in the Nov. 13 edition failed to mention the many contributions of artist Keariene Muizz, who was essential to the success on our Electric Light Blanket performance.

Keariene was a team member from the outset of this endeavor and I can’t think how we could have succeeded without her. In addition to her work as a contributing artist whose esthetic sense was far more developed than mine, Keariene served as the person who coordinated team activities, promoted the team on social media and the press, coordinated video and still photography, as well as recording the performance on video.

Without her undying enthusiasm and tireless dedication to the team, I doubt the performance would have been successful as it was.

I’m sure the omission of credit for her performance was a regrettable oversight.  I am sure I speak for all the team members when I say I can’t imagine trying to do this again without her support and contributions.


Jack Barnhill, Los Angeles

The author also contributed to “Electric Light Blanket.”


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