Ballesteros Group creates tapestry of kindness during the holidays


By Mandy Franklin, Special to the Independent

Laguna’s Ballesteros Real Estate Group decided to turn their gratitude into action this year in a demonstration of the spirit of giving. Instead of hosting a traditional holiday party, they chose a more meaningful path by donating to a local cause. The Ballesteros Group joined forces with their clients, creating a tapestry of kindness that stretched across the community. Together, they embarked on a mission to support three families from Tony’s Treehouse with gifts under their trees. Tony’s Treehouse is a nonprofit organization based in Laguna Beach. It was founded in memory of a beloved little boy named Tony, with a mission to reach out to families and children in need. 

The Ballesteros Real Estate Group from left to right: Dusty Facinelli-Janisch, Rosie Baber, team lead Andrea Ballesteros, Andrew Butler as Santa, Mandy Franklin, founder and director of Tony’s Treehouse Becky Martinez, Maddi Chalabian and Sue Bottassi as the Grinch. Not Pictured, JJ Ballesteros. Photo/Mandy Franklin

As the holiday season approached, the Ballesteros Group worked diligently to ensure their adopted families experienced a Christmas filled with warmth and love. They gathered donations and gifts, transforming the humble act of giving into a collective outpouring of generosity. In the true spirit of community, the esteemed clients of the Ballesteros Group enthusiastically joined the cause. They raised over $7,300, a testament to the power of unity and shared purpose. The funds would become the magic wand that turned wishes into reality for the three families of Tony’s Treehouse this holiday season.

Because of the overwhelming generosity of their clients, the Ballesteros Real Estate Group surpassed their initial goal, enabling them to extend their generosity and bless an additional two families in need. The ripple effect of compassion reached even further, leaving an indelible mark on the community and embodying the true spirit of the holiday season.

The true magic of the season wasn’t just the gifts but the intangible sense of community and the shared belief that everyone deserves a Merry Christmas. As the Ballesteros Group and their clients reflected on their collective efforts, they realized that the joy of giving had become the most precious gift of all.

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