Bees Set Garden Club Abuzz


The Laguna Beach Garden Club presents “It’s our Beeswax! – How Gardeners Can Help Bees Thrive,” where master gardener and professional beekeeper Lynne Gallaugher will speak at 10:30 a.m. on Friday, Jan. 13, in Tankersley Hall at the Presbyterian Church downtown.

Gallaugher holds a degree in agricultural economics and is also a master food producer, master food preserver and master composter. Owner of The Bee Ladies, Gallaugher tends to scores of bee hives on small farms, orchards and backyards in Orange County and sells honey and other bee products at many local farmer’s markets.

She will talk about bee-friendly gardening practices to follow to attract and support bee populations and attendees will learn what is involved in beekeeping, the habits of bees, and what products they produce.

For more information on the garden club, see the club’s website at

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