Boys & Girls Club Thank its Supporters


Leaders of the Boys & Girls Club thanked over 100 agencies and individuals for their collaboration and support over the past year at its third annual Community Partners Breakfast at Seven-Degrees.

Preschoolers provided entertainment at the club’s thank-you breakfast to partners.

Attendees included Laguna Beach Mayor Toni Iseman along with other city and school officials, who were treated to a serenade by preschool students.

Board president Bob Whalen said last the club served over 1,500 young people aged 3 to 18, provided nearly 5,000 free meals and over 30,000 free snacks to kids, employed 20 full time and 23 part time staff to mentor local youth, provided scholarships to 31 percent of its members, and was supported by over 250 volunteers.

This year the club will continue to promote its new skateboarding program, expand its board and complete the year with a balanced budget, he said.

Executive director Pam Estes then emphasized the club’s role in developing opportunities for young people. “It takes a village, a whole community coming together and working together, to build resiliency in youth,” said Estes. “We each have a role to play and we’re grateful for every one of our Boys & Girls Club partners.”

Three received awards from the club: the school district, Montage’s employee group Hearts of Montage and volunteer of the year, Niko Theris for his positive influence on teens at the club.

“Without our partners, we could not run the club’s great programs that focus on academics, art and athletics,” Whalen said.

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