Boys and Girls Clubs Kick Off Ambitious National Campaign


Nationally, Boys &Girls Clubs of America launched their Great Futures Campaign on July 31 in Atlanta, Georgia. Their goal is to elevate the critical role of out-of-school time and garner public support and resources for Boys and Girls clubs to increase their impact on kids and communities. For every hour a child spends in school, they spend two hours out of school.

The campaign kicked off with “The Bell Heard Round the Web” a digital disruptor, on America’s on favorite channels and websites alerting the public to the Great Futures Campaign. Boys and Girls Clubs ads were featured on websites, online radio stations stopped to run a public service announcement, and friends and celebrity alum posted on Twitter and Facebook in support of our nation’s youth to promote awareness and advocacy to ensure that “after school” is part of the “back to school” conversation

The six-year national campaign aims to increase the combined revenue of all

the local Boys & Girls Clubs across the country and also the National

Boys and Girls Clubs from the $1.5 billion tallied at the end of 2012 to $6 billion by 2017. Current revenue was not available from the club’s website or the local Laguna Beach club headquarters.

The Laguna Beach club began its own campaign on Aug. 1 with the goal of raising $100,000 in local support by Dec. 31, 2014. Even though each Boys & Girls Club organization across the country meets certain criteria to be chartered through BGCA, each is its own separate entity, its own 501c3, responsible for their own budget, says Pam Estes Laguna Beach Club director. “We receive relatively little pass through funds from BGCA and are able to tailor programs to meet the unique needs of each community,” she added.

In Orange County there are 16 different 501c3 Boys & Girls Club organizations.

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