Breached Whale Arrives Home at Last

Artist Jon Seeman’s whale sculpture breached in Heisler Park.

Scupltor Jon Seeman’s “Breached Whale,” commissioned and approved by both the Arts Commission and the City Council but left homeless since no one could ultimately agree where to place the large beast, has finally found a home by the sea.

Last week, the whale sculpture was installed in a newly reconstructed section of a former shuffleboard court in Heisler Park.

Originally intended for the Third Street frontage in the Susi Q Senior and Community Center, it was ultimately deemed too large and a potential traffic hazard, and banished into storage.

Since then, the project has undergone final touch-ups by Seeman. Thematic embellishments will include glass and stainless steel ornamentation to its base, suggesting a frolic among waves. The main body of the sculpture is made of cor-ten steel, a material designed to rust on the surface without rusting through and stainless steel.

It will be officially unveiled in his final configuration on July 7 at 5 p.m. prior to the First Thursday Artwalk.


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