Bushes Obscure a Historic Treasure



Thank you for the Friday morning chuckle. The companion picture of Taverna, an Aubrey St. Clair building, which features a historic tiled mural completely obscured by bushes planted right in front of the mural that no one will be able to see if you joined the discussion about Aubrey St. Clair and the historic mural.

Hahaha. Eh?

Who decided to place those plants there? The city of Laguna wanted so badly to restore and preserve the murals. Only now they are blocked by min-trees. Sorta like having a beautiful ocean view home with a huge tree planted front and center and blocking the view!

And also much like the historic preservation efforts that fall much too short and completely destroy the artistic integrity of the historic home (see 614 Glenneyre… So sad what happened there: cheap fiberglass and fake crystal cut front door where a beautiful 1900’s structure once lived. And 1478 Glenneyre, which was a cozy and delightful wood clapboard sided abode with a river rock covered front porch, which now looks like a track home from Stanton). Yikes.

So many city controls with missteps and horrendous outcomes.

Now about the canceling of the city buses.

Laguna citizen and lover of historic homes,


Theodore P. Schraff III, Laguna Beach

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