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Luxury Road Detail Studio: Next Level Auto Detailing

The studio that treats your car like a piece of art

Luxury Road Detail Studio was started with the idea of a different way of car detailing in mind. This means taking time to do things right and putting extra care into every process. Our customers know that their special car is in good hands when they come to the studio. From the moment a customer walks in, they know that this is something unique. This is not the typical tint shop or car wash where the detailers are rushing through the job using questionable techniques to get to the next car. We treat each car with respect and as a piece of art as it goes through our processes. After going through our decontamination room for interior and exterior cleaning, the car is moved to our showroom. There it is inspected and given the final touches. If the customer is having a ceramic coating applied, the room is sanitized and sealed during the coating and curing process. When the customer arrives, their car is delivered in our well-lit showroom, giving them the new car experience all over again.

What is ceramic coating?
Ceramic coating is a layer of liquid glass that is applied to the car to protect it, like a wax. The difference is that wax only lasts a few weeks to a couple months while providing minimal protection, ceramic coatings when cured can last for years and it’s about three times harder than the paint itself so it can provide protection from light scratches and rock chips. It’s similar to a phone screen protector but for your car’s paint. With ceramic coatings you will never have to wax your car. The ceramic coating acts as an extra layer of clear coat so the car will have more gloss and look shinier than before. After years of research and testing different ceramic coatings we have partnered with Ceramic Pro simply because they have the best product on the market. The coatings have a two-year, five-year, and lifetime warranties that are registered to the car’s VIN and can be transferred if you sell your car.

What is Luxury Road Delivery?
We started this service based on requests from customers buying new BMWs, Teslas, and Porsches that were not satisfied with the delivery condition of their car. They also wanted a ceramic coating applied as soon as possible before anything happened to their new car. Our solution was to have the factory deliver the new car directly to us with the customer present for inspection if they wish. We then safely remove the factory plastic and any residue from the adhesive, decontaminate the car, apply a coating if requested and give the car a final detail. The customer can then take delivery of their new car in our showroom. We currently offer this at no extra charge for all car brands. Please call us if you are interested in arranging this service for your new car.

Luxury Road Detail Studio is located at 2181 Laguna Canyon Road in Laguna Beach. Please call 949.549.4365 for more information or visit

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  1. So many rich libs here that pay more to have their car washed then they put in a church collection basket. That’s the real problem.


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