Can We Still Think?



Thinking seems to have died in the so-called digital age.

On Saturday I took a packed trolley at 10 a.m. to our county library downtown. I used the computer, which was having more problems than on other recent days.

I then walked to Forest Avenue for coffee and at Beach Street a couple and their son were looking at the municipal bus schedule trying to figure it out. I asked them where they wanted to go and they said Las Brisas. I explained that neither the trolleys or Saturday city bus could take them north and suggested they walk to the bus station on Broadway where they could catch a shuttle north.

I then walked for coffee at my favorite place and when I walked in, I knew the air conditioning was broken, just as it was last summer for days. Last year I looked up their web-site and sent an email to the general manager and it was fixed within 48 hours. I plan to do the same again.

Asking the public and their hard working staff to put-up with intense heat is totally unfair.

After a delicious morning snack, I walked back to the library for a wonderful concert by Jennings and Keller, John York and Toulouse Engelhardt. York said he loved playing in libraries because they are a place where people think and read.

Council-person Steve Dicterow should think before he yaps. He told us we were odd to have blue and white police cars but luckily I was able to get Google on the library computer and discovered that the Chicago, Boston and New York police departments all have blue and white patrol cars, just like ours.

One Webster definition of think says to consider and or be considerate. Has Laguna Beach lost its soul as some believe or can we still think?


Roger Carter, Laguna Beach

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  1. “I then walked for coffee to my favorite place and then I walked in”…”I told a couple to take a bus instead of walking two blocks to Las Brisas”…” White and blue cop cars, gee”… “the computers were slower than usual”…” The AC was out and I plan to complain”.

    What a meaningless, un-connected ramble. Why do you constantly submit these letters?


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