Catalina Museum Honors Laguna Beach Residents

Left to right: Catalina Island Museum Collections Manager Patty Salazar, Chief Curator Johnny Sampson, Marlo Bartels and Bob Borthwick. Photo/Catalina Island Museum

The Catalina Museum welcomed Laguna Beach residents Bob Borthwick and Marlo Bartels to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the 1998 Avalon Downtown Waterfront Urban Design Project, “A Walk in Time,” on June 27.  Borthwick, a landscape architect, planned and designed the project, while artist Marlo Bartels provided the 1930s Catalina-style tilework for the Wrigley Fountain and other areas.

The completed project received regional and national planning and design recognition for Avalon, Catalina Island, including the Centennial Medallion by the American Society of Landscape Architects.

Bob Borthwick (left) and Marlo Bartels at Wrigley Fountain. Photo/Catalina Island Museum 

“A Walk in Time” involved permanently closing two downtown streets to expand the Crescent Avenue pedestrian waterfront that the Wrigley family created in the early 1930s. It also included refurbishing features such as the iconic Wrigley Fountain and plaza and extensive streetscape upgrading additions such as seatwalls, kiosks, plantings and decorative paving.

RTK Studios of Ojai created the 140-foot tile mural along the Casino Walkway.

Borthwick and Bartels were invited to the island by Johnny Sampson, Chief Curator of the Catalina Museum, to facilitate donations of original drawings, plans, and artifacts, such as decorative tiles, to be preserved at the Museum and used in future exhibitions.

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