Cell Tower Expansion Opposed

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Verizon Wireless has pulled 18 permits for variances to extend the height on preselected California Edison controlled street lamps throughout Laguna Beach. Their intent is to replace the current street lamp post with a cell tower that resembles a top-heavy street lamp, which hosts two cell antennas to total 4000 Mhz of low spectrum electrometric radioactive waves that are penetrating from one half mile of its base and possibly further in ideal conditions. These EMFs are extremely dangerous to children, animals, and elderly. If these variances are granted, the city and residents of Laguna Beach will no longer have any control or say about them and will have to work with California Edison on this issue.

These new Verizon facilities will be placed next to our parks and homes and near our schools. The following areas will be impacted and will have cell towers located within a half-mile from them: Alta Laguna Park, and blocks from Top of the World; Thurston Middle School will be surrounded with four towers; Moulton Meadows tot lot, Lange Park, and Nita Carmen Park will have a tower within 100 feet of them; and Brookies Mom child care will be impacted by a site within blocks of it. Two sites are slated for South Coast Highway. The four sites in Laguna Canyon have all ready been approved.

These towers will compromise our home values, jeopardize our health, and are extremely detrimental to our greenbelts. They are combustible and will need to be serviced often, which will impact parking in all areas they are placed.

Since Verizon only needs variances approved they did not need City Council or the residents of Laguna Beach’s approval. It is now a question of aesthetics only and our planning board is being strong-armed by the Planning Commission and FCC to grant these variances. Please express your concerns to our City Council members and let them know this is not expectable. Attend the Planning Commission’s meeting on June 21 at 6 p.m. and sign the petition found on Change.org. (Labeled 18 cell towers).

We as a community need to stop these towers from being approved, and band together to force the wireless companies to provide us with safer and more harmonious alternatives for cellular coverage.

Lisa Van Alpen, Laguna Beach



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  1. Umm please….. check your facts. 4000 mhz? That doesn’t even make any since. Those small cell transmit on 1900 mhz and 1700 mhz. Those are frequencies, not power levels. They transmit at less than 15 watts. You stretch the facts to scare people.

  2. Hi I was limited to space each tower will hold 2 antennas. One 1900 MHZ and the other 2100 MHZ. The public is welcome to view the permits at city hall if you would like to check the facts.

  3. Is there one single MAJOR scientific institution that says cell tower transmissions are harmful to people? Look, I’m a liberal – we like science not hysteria.


  4. FAKE news all the way. Check the NextDoor site to see how many in our community are for this wireless support which are not towers at all. This article is phony, unsubstantiated fake news!!!

  5. This “letter” pretends to express dangers which are figments of the writer’s imagination. Fear has overtaken liberals, in cell towers, in cigarette smoking, in climate change, and even in democracy. Riots and protests are making many liberals feel as if they’ve “done something,” even if it is foolish, counterproductive, and even destructive. Like driving somewhere to protest on behalf of “environmentalism.” That’s equivalent to binge eating to protest obesity.


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