Boys Rebuff Suspicious Overture


Two students returned to Thurston Middle School to inform school officials they rebuffed a man who had offered them money to hand out flyers and to attempt to coax them into his white sports car about 3:50 p.m. Tuesday, April 1, police said.

Police searched the area to no avail and will be making extra patrols in the area, Sgt. Louise Callus said Wednesday.

A parent of a Thurston student reported a second similar incident at a different location on Wednesday, April 2, following a district wide email alert issued about the attempted abduction, said Leisa Winston, the school district’s spokeswoman.

Police, though, discounted the second report. The parent said her son had been contacted by a male on Monday, also asking if he’d like to help pass out fliers, Callus said. There was no demand for the boy to get in the car, she said.

The parent indicated her son had been approached at Alta Laguna Boulevard and Treetop Lane, Winston said.

The initial incident occurred at Tahiti and Park Avenue, below the Thurston campus, Winston said. The students returned to school and recounted the experience to administrators, who called police, she said.

“When the kids did not agree to go with him, the suspect began shouting at the kids ordering them into his vehicle,” said Callus by email, noting that the man talked to the boys through an open window.

In the overnight message, school officials urged parents to encourage students who walk to school or home to pair up with a buddy. “We want parents to have a discussion with kids; we want kids to be vigilant and parents to be vigilant,” Winston said.


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