Clinic Adds Up a New Year Wish List


Even as clientele turn to the Laguna Beach Community Clinic for help with acute and chronic health needs, clinic fundraisers hopes that others in the community might consider a clinic gift to fund vital services.

$25 purchases 500 exam room gloves;

$50 will provide 5,000 alcohol wipes to assure cleanliness;

$100 will provide one Rhogam injection to prevent blood type incompatibility in an expectant mother;

$100 will help administer childhood immunizations to 10 vulnerable children;

$100 will fund a “well baby” checkup for a newborn, insuring a good start in life;

$100 will cover the cost of a “well-woman” exam, including Pap smear for early cancer detection;

$200 will provide free HIV tests for five people who might otherwise go untested;

$300 (or $25 per month, for a year) will buy 30 tests for diabetes, a disease that increasingly impacts all ages;

$500 will cover the printing costs of one issue of the clinic newsletter, featuring your name (or business name) distributed to 2,500 homes and businesses;

$500 (or $42 per month, for a year ) buys a lightweight wheelchair for use in the clinic; and

$1,000 will provide diabetes medications for five people for four months.

Donors should specify how they want their donation to be used, make checks out to the Laguna Beach Community Clinic, and mail them to: LBCC, 362 Third Street, Laguna Beach, CA 92651

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