Council Ignores Trends in Urban Planning



On Tuesday, June 11, our City Council voted to build a $40 or $50 million, plus interest, stacked auto park. The reason most stated is we must finely finish this project. Note, they did not say that this garage will relieve our perceived parking supply problem or relieve our auto congestion. When this structure fills up, we will be faced with the same issue of cars circulating in the downtown looking for parking.

I feel sad that a more creative parking management plan was disparaged in favor of an expensive perceived solution that will not enhance the much needed village entrance. While cities all over the United States are fostering public transportation, as well as beautifying and pedestrianizing their downtowns, we have chosen to focus on bringing more pollution and congestion into, or across the street from, downtown Laguna Beach.

Why are the best-practice examples of city planning being ignored in this current decision?


Michael Hoag, Laguna Beach

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