Council Seems to Ignore Detox House Proliferation

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Having lived in Laguna since 1972, I have written numerous letters to the mayor and city council regarding a broad range of topics. Never have I been completely ignored until I wrote regarding the upheaval caused in my neighborhood by the opening of the detox/rehab facility on Top of the World Drive.

Children no longer play outside on T.O.W. Dr. The facility, located only 88 yards from an elementary school, has only been open for a few months, and already it has switched many staff members and changed from female to male patients, the first of whom had to be carted off in an ambulance. Delivery trucks ply our formerly quiet streets.

Council members: I get it. You’re afraid of lawsuits like those filed in Newport and San Clemente. Nonetheless, you may not ignore this problem. Such facilities are proliferating, as they are very profitable for the owners. If this issue needs to be addressed at the state level, then please do so. It’s your job to protect our village.

Thanks to the Indy and Rita Robinson for putting this problem on page 1 where it belongs.

Kris Evans, Laguna Beach

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  1. Kris Evans, you will wait until you know what freezes over before the state does anything about the proliferation of these rehab homes…they will tell you that they need MORE of them opened up and do nothing in the way of oversight to prevent the ruination of whole neighborhoods, they simply do not care.
    As for your council, it is THEIR DUTY to respond to the needs of the residents and you’re right, they’re all afraid of lawsuits, so I suggest you cobble together a group of residents and threaten to sue your city for NOT doing their job.

  2. Good ethics or bad ethics, that is really the issue. I used to be on the board of directors of a halfway house, they listened to the neighbors and kept the newcomers in line, that house has been there for about 45 years now. It can work if good ethics are practiced and a set of rules are put in place and enforced. Our guys earned extra money mowing neigbors lawns etc., they became part of the community.


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