Critiquing Actions of Two Elected Officials



It’s hard to believe that Laguna Beach City Council person Steve Dicterow said nothing at a recent meeting to discuss the village entrance project which he voted for.

Towns people are saying he plans to run for a higher office and asking how did he get elected, especially in light of the fact that he was lackluster when he was on the city council before.

His friend and our new congressman (since re-districting) Dana Rohrabacher put his foot in his mouth again this week on Southern California PBS when he said the so-called “illegal” Mexicans, Asians and others should not be allowed to become citizens because they are poor, uneducated and will impact our U.S. economy negatively.

In a on-line poll just completed, many people who participated said our city council is not doing it’s job. History will ask how did we get stuck with these two losers.

Roger Carter, Laguna Beach

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