Cyclist Catapulted 300 Feet Escapes Nearly Unscathed


A motorcyclist weaving in Coast Highway traffic at high speeds was catapulted 300 feet after colliding with another vehicle Tuesday, April 5, but survived the crash, police said.

Local resident Michele McCormick pulled up to the accident scene only minutes after witnessing a motorcyclist hurtle by her vehicle about a mile away at Cress Street at what she estimated was 90 mph.

Just past the Nyes Place signal, she saw a debris field “like a garage sale” and heard people asking, “where’s the body?”

McCormick pulled to the side of the road near the condo complex Blue Lagoon and found an agitated woman talking to a man lying on the pavement. “I thought he was dying,” said McCormick, who stepped in to soothe the semi-conscious man. As she instructed him to follow her voice, he responded with “yes, ma’am,” said McCormick, a psychologist, who marveled the following day that her crisis training kicked into gear. “I don’t know why this guy is alive,” she said in an interview Thursday.

After paramedics arrived, McCormick said she spoke with the couple whose car the cyclist had hit, who were standing frozen in the street.

Jordan Villwock, the city’s emergency operations coordinator, said the 26-year-old San Juan Capistrano man, who was not further identified, suffered only minor injuries and was transported to Mission Hospital Mission Viejo.

Emergency personnel who responded to the collision south of Nyes Place determined that the motorcyclist was weaving through southbound traffic at a high rate of speed when he lost control and hit another vehicle, Villwock said.


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