Cyclone Goes Home for the Holidays


The Pacific Marine Mammal Center has been for the past two months rehabilitating a three year-old sub adult female sea lion, nicknamed Cyclone.
Cyclone, who originally came to PMMC as a pup in 2009, was taken back by the PMCC in October due to a deadly bite on her lower back from a juvenile great white shark.

“Cyclone is extremely lucky to be alive,” says Animal Care Director, Michele Hunter. She added,  “We weren’t sure if she would ever be able to use her hind quarters again, but she has shown tremendous strength and progress through her rehabilitation.” Cyclone, who came in weighing just 63 lbs has now reached a healthy weight of 1115 lbs. Animal caretakers expect her to return home to the ocean in the upcoming weeks. “It’s the perfect Holiday gift to us!” said long time volunteer JoAnn Smith.

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