Democracy at Its Finest


Last night in Laguna Beach [March 22] a town came together. Democracy was out in full force, and a community banded together around their children. It was truly a thing of beauty!

I felt it only fair to write to the papers with something positive to report. As I have written in the past with words of anger and outrage, I needed to vent now with feelings of pride.

Kudos to the city council for bringing about a compromise for both sides of the issue. Neither side got entirely what they wanted, but that is what compromise is all about. I, for one, have a renewed faith in our city council members.

Oh and the kids. If you did not see it in person, words cannot describe how amazing they were. From 5 p.m. until 11 p.m. they maintained their decorum in a mature and intelligent fashion. They stepped to the microphone one after another, telling their name, age, school, and, for many, the fact that they were on the honor roll. They were all downhill skateboarders who came to speak from their hearts. I get emotional as I write this, as I remember them last night.

They are our future leaders in this community, and if last night was any indicator, the writing on the wall for our future is stellar!

Kimberly OBrien-Young, Laguna Beach

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