Detouring to the Road Less Traveled

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My grandsons Sam and Peter were visiting from San Jose last weekend. One of our excursions was to the gelato stand downtown. We took the golf cart north on the highway there and south on Glenneyre Street on the way back. When we got to Mountain Road, I went to turn up the hill and go around Bluebird Park to get home.

“Why are we going the long way, grandpa?” Peter, the 13-year-old, asked. My response was that Glenneyre really stinks in the dip between Calliope Street and Bluebird Canyon Drive. There is a sewer pump station there, which always has a bad smell. Some folks call it Sewer Hollow. So I drive around.

Oh, no. Now Peter wants to drive through sewer hollow and smell it. So we made this deal. All the rest of us in the golf cart get to hold our noses, but not Peter. He asked for it and we wouldn’t want him to miss out in any way. In fact we stopped for just a moment down in the bottom where the smell is the thickest.

Peter breathed in deeply and declared, “it smells so bad you can taste it.” Then he asked the tough question. “Why don’t they fix it?”


JJ Gasparotti, Laguna Beach

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