Dicterow Shows His Character




I have known Steve Dicterow for over 25 years. I watched him go through the devastating loss of his business, (through no fault of his own). I also watched the way he handled that recovery, saving his home of over 30 years for his wife and family. I couldn’t have been more proud of him and the character he showed through it all.

For (Judie) Mancuso to drag Steve through the mud publicly, (as if something nefarious transpired), just points so clearly to the dishonest, gutter tactics, she and the progressive left are always so willing to use to try to win an election.

Personally, I’ll stick with Mayor Dicterow because I know he wants what’s best for Laguna and has the proven track record and character to achieve it.


Peter J. French,  Laguna Beach

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  1. Since you speak so well of Steve’s character, can you possibly address his acumen in the management of the City’s finances, let alone his own.

    If he’s such a genius on all things fiscal, why is he trying to win an election that will pay him a little over $756 per month (and he claims he spends more than 30 hours a week) working in his role of a City Council Member? Due the math. $756 X 12 months = $9,072 salary for the year. 50 working weeks for the year X 30 hours = 1500 hours of work for the year. Annual salary of $9,072 /1500 hours for the year =$6.05 per hour (way less than the minimum wage). As a contract lawyer with 35+ years experience this guy is worth a minimum of $125 per hour. So the City of Laguna Beach, the Voters of Laguna Beach and the Indy, all think it’s a good idea to hire a guy at less than 1/20th of what he could earn on the open market to make financial decisions regarding a City Budget of $82,000,000+? Seems to me that the lunatics are now running the asylum.

  2. Perhaps he enjoys public service and is not in it for the money? Perhaps it is not your business what he does with his professional life as long as he is a good public servant?


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