Doctor Continues His Devotion to Clinic


One of the first doctors to treat AIDS patients and provide his services free to the citizens of Laguna Beach, Dr. Korey Jorgensen, has recently been recertified in family and HIV Medicine.

His tenure began in 1972 when he was recruited by fellow Navy physician Dr. Bill Anderson to volunteer at the Laguna Beach Free Clinic. Both were stationed at El Toro Marine Base.

“A number of the Marine base doctors volunteered to care for Free Clinic patients at that time,” Jorgensen said. Dr. Anderson now practices at Sleepy Hollow Medical Group.

Dr. Jorgensen, though, has seen the first hand the evolution of the free clinic into the Laguna Beach Community Clinic, the professional provider of medical services that it is today.

“Laguna Beach…has terrific people who are generous and kind-hearted,” says Jorgensen who won the California Physician of the Year award in 2004. The Clinic remains true to its core commitment: to provide quality care to patients regardless of their ability to pay, thanks in part to committed staff such as Dr. Jorgensen.


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