Eagle Scouts Rock Community Garden

From left to right, midway through the building, Andrew Stefaniak, Ben Whittle, Austin Adamson, Alec Niccum, and Jim Savage.

Eagle Scout candidate Alec Niccum organized the construction of a rock revetment at the South Laguna Community Garden.  After months of planning, Alec and his crew, supported by moms with drinks and pizzas, mobilized last Saturday and completed the rock work in less than a day.

Alec and his friends Ben Whittle, Andrew Stefaniak, Austin Adamson, Spencer Bateman, and Chandler Hull, as well as adult helpers Bill Niccum and Jim Savage worked enthusiastically to produce rockwork that perfectly matches the revetment installed at the beginning of the garden in 2009.  Now the picnic area next to the shed is finished and there is a comfortable setting for garden and ocean viewing.

“Great job; it looks terrific,” said Sally Coffey of the garden planning committee, echoing the opinion of all who have noticed the work.

Now that Alec can step back and take a look at the results of his project, he said, “I feel a great sense of pride driving by the gardens knowing the contribution I made to the community within.  I’m also very proud of the work that my helpers performed to put this project together, it turned out just the way I had imagined it.”

The South Laguna Community Garden will be celebrating the completion of the rock project as well as the achievements of gardeners at the Third Anniversary Summer Potluck, Sunday, Aug. 12, from 2-5 p.m. at the garden at Eagle Rock and Coast Highway.  Live music from the Garden Band. All with potluck contributions are welcome to come and share the garden experience.

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