Richard Halle

Opportunity Knocks

Eric needs some money for an investment.


No. I can’t believe he put you up to this.


You haven’t even heard about it.


Sweetie, If it were the telephone and

He had a deal with Alexander Graham Bell,

I wouldn’t invest with him.


He may be nice,

Heck he may even be honest, but

He has no judgment.


I just don’t like that he has

Some kind of power over you.

That you would bring yourself

To ask me a question to which

You know the inevitable outcome.


You know in your heart that

No one should invest in his ventures.

You’re going to be painted with the same brush

If you become his enabler in these schemes.


Why can’t he get a job at a bank or an insurance company?

He’s bright enough and its steady work.

You could have the family you want.


He has big dreams and

They’re for us, not just for him.

He’ll make it big one day.

He will, I just know it.

It’s all he talks about.

He’s planning all the time.


Meantime you keep working to support him and

Postpone your own dreams.


Oh Grampa.

What am I going to do?


Grampa Grant is Richard Hille, a long time Laguna Beach resident with three Grandchildren.





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