Richard Halle

Special Delivery

Hi Grampa,

It’s Cindy.

Can you take Mrs. Peterson her dinner tomorrow?

I have a school assignment.

Oh, take some left overs or

A sandwich and some soup would be fine.

The important thing is just to sit and

Share the meal a little with her.

She’s worried about her great grandson.

His name is Michael and

She thinks he doesn’t work hard.

She has a possible diabetes problem and

She’s afraid of going into a nursing home.

She’s real interesting once she gets going.

She and her husband owned a bar downtown and

He raced cars for a while too.

Thanks Grampa.

You’re a Prince.

The school project?

Oh, it’s a community service thing.

We have to go pick up trash from a couple of playgrounds.

Yeah.  We get extra credit for it.

Grampa Grant is Richard Hille a long time Laguna Beach resident with three Grandchildren.

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