Richard Halle

The Patriot

I know why we have a parade on Patriot’s Day.


You do?


Yes. It’s to honor people who have made sacrifices that resulted in the continuation of American freedom.


Wow! That’s pretty good.

Where did you get that.


In school.


Do you have any idea what that means?


Well not exactly, but it’s the right answer isn’t it?


It is a right answer, but I’m not so sure it’s the whole story.


Oh Grampa, you’re not going to give a boring lecture are you?

Especially if I already got the answer right?

Since you asked the question and provided the answer I guess no further discussion is required?

O.K. Grampa, tell me what I missed.

Don’t roll your eyes at me.

You can’t see my eyes.

No. But I know when your rolling them upward as if  looking into your forehead.

Patriot’s Day, Laguna Beach style, is a unique blend of home spun fun.

Where families and friends join in an annual communion of citizens and guests

In what I like to think of as America’s most disorganized and slowest parade.

It announces the coming arrival of spring

And the opportunity to reunite with acquaintances and catch up on news

In a reliable, dependable repeat of  previous year’s events.

It’s very predictability is its draw.

I like to see different kinds of people walking towards town

With little flags and later dispersing.

Children running after candies

And the community band.

Horns on old cars honking.

I like to make a few new acquaintances and join the camaraderie of friends,

While enjoying a beverage at one place or another.

James, I know why Grampa likes Patriot’s Day.

You do?


Yes. He gets to go drink with his friends.

Grampa Grant is Richard Hille a long time Laguna Beach resident with three Grandchildren.





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