Richard Halle

Wish Fulfilled

Grampa will you forgive me?

Is this a trick question?

Am I to say, “Yes?”

Only to discover you wrecked the Pontiac?

Which at this moment I believe to be securely ensconced in my very garage?

No. I don’t mean that exactly,

I mean if I told you something and you thought it was wrong,

Would you forgive me?

Well of course…. but no!

Ingrid, why do you do this to me?

If you have something to tell me please do:

If not, let’s talk more about

Whether world peace should trump brutal dictatorships,

Or something else we can resolve.

Oh Grampa.

Sometimes you just don’t understand the importance of things.

Try me. Oh, you do try me.

Well, I told Mother that Daddy said it was O.K. with him if I stayed at the beach house on the weekend,

And I told Daddy that it was O.K. with Mommy;

Then Jenny told her parents pretty much the same thing;

So now we get to stay at the beach for the weekend without adult supervision.

Do you need adult supervision?

Heck yes Grampa!

What do you think I’m talking about here?

We’ve got a beach house, a car, alcohol and minor drugs!

Do we need supervision?

When I add a few boys to the formula does it start to compute?

Do you still have gray cells left under that cranium or did you give them up for Medicare?

What if I came to the beach house for a visit this weekend?

Oh Grampa could you?

Grampa Grant is Richard Hille a long time Laguna Beach resident with three grandchildren.

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