Festival of Arts Honors Pageant Legacy Society Donors

Legacy Member Lois Mastrocola (far right) and some of her family at the Legacy Reception event in the Irvine Bowl. Photo courtesy of Pageant of the Masters

The Festival of Arts and Pageant of the Masters recently organized an exclusive appreciation reception for members of the Pageant Legacy Society. More than 100 donors, whose names or the names of their loved ones are inscribed on seats in the Pageant’s Irvine Bowl, attended the event, which was held on May 18. The Pageant Legacy Society, established in 2020, allows donors to leave an enduring mark in Laguna Beach by designating a seat in the famous amphitheater. To date, patrons have named over 250 out of the available 2,600 seats, contributing nearly $350,000 in support of the arts.

At the reception, guests enjoyed live music, champagne and desserts. Each member was presented with certificates acknowledging their seat engravings and an exclusive lapel pin and keychain recognizing their membership in the Pageant Legacy Society. Festival of Arts President David Perry and Pageant of the Masters Director Diane Challis Davy expressed their appreciation to the Legacy members and acknowledged their invaluable contributions during their speeches.

“I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to you, our Pageant Legacy Members. Your generous donations and seat purchases for the Festival and Pageant have been instrumental in helping our organization survive during the challenging financial times, especially throughout the pandemic,” President of the Festival of Arts David Perry said. “On behalf of the board, the staff, and volunteers, thank you.”

Inside the Irvine Bowl, each dedicated seat was adorned with a gold bow and a plaque recognizing the donor’s charitable gift. From their seats, Legacy members were treated to a behind-the-scenes look at the Pageant of the Masters during a private rehearsal. Three pieces from this summer’s production, Art Colony: In the Company of Artists, were re-created onstage. Guests watched the Pageant staff assisting volunteer cast members into the set pieces and making meticulous lighting adjustments- It was a glimpse into the unique process of bringing a living picture to life. Among them was Lois Mastrocola, a long-standing supporter who generously donated to reserve a block of seats in Row M of Loge Center for her family. 

 “It is my deep appreciation of the Arts that compelled me to support the Pageant many years ago. The Legacy membership is a tangible way to memorialize appreciation of the Pageant and the artistic relevance it stands for while at the same time providing much-needed financial support to sustain this esteemed Laguna Beach tradition,” Mastrocola said. “Legacy membership offers the opportunity for those with a love of the Arts to share their passion with family and friends through the purchase of seat placards.”

Those interested in becoming Pageant Legacy Society Members can visit www.foapom.com/legacy-society. Specific seat requests will be honored on a first-come, first-served basis. In addition to the seat plaque, the engraving will be listed in the annual souvenir program and on the Festival’s website.

The 2023 Pageant of the Masters production, Art Colony: In the Company of Artists will perform nightly in the Irvine Bowl from July 7 to Sept. 1. A Pageant ticket is also a season pass to the Fine Art Show. 

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