Guest Opinion: The Forest Promenade Planning Fiasco

Billy Fried

By Billy Fried

Well, there goes three wasted hours I’ll never get back. I’m referring to the turkey circus last week, known as the Forest Promenade public planning session, the one where public input was being solicited for the final, permanent design.

When I walked in, I was immediately struck by how many of the opposition to the promenade were in attendance. You know, the Village Laguna, Laguna Residents First people who gingerly sidestep this one because they realize how much public opinion is against them. Yet they are still hellbent on destroying it in every tactical way possible. In this case, it was delay, delay, delay until that mighty tsunami of atrophy, Measure Q, passes. At which time, because of the loss of parking, it could be put to a public vote. Which would be no sooner than late 2023, another full year obstructing something City Council passed and the public overwhelmingly wants.  

In the other anemic corner was the city, in this case, not the Mayor, Mayor Pro Tem, or City Manager – the actual architects of the promenade. Instead, they sent a single city staffer and a representative of the outside design firm, RRM Design Group (but not one of their 19 principals). Also known as a buffet of roadkill that was feasted on by both sides.

The room was decorated encouragingly. Lots of interactive images taped to the walls. A giant site map of the current Promenade, laid horizontally at eye level. I naively believed we were there for a design charrette, where we would gather around the map and move prop pieces around, like dining areas, planters, stages, food carts, and art installations, to see how it might flow. I thought RRM would show us examples of other promenades around the world, including some of their own work, with data of what worked and what didn’t.

But no. We were treated like special needs children. They wanted our Pavlovian responses to design elements such as pavers, planters, lighting, and overall design aesthetics, by affixing little colored dots on the areas of our preference. Oh how I love those little colored dots. An exercise that would yield exactly nothing useful for the design firm, except to say the public was vetted.

Well, we are not circus animals, not here in Laguna. We had esteemed architects, landscapers, and urban planners in attendance, professionals who have thought about Forest Promenade for years. When Bill Hoffman, with a Master’s degree in Urban Planning and a PHD in Social Ecology, suggested to the moderators a format of questions and answers regarding overriding goals (for residents, visitors, and merchants), aesthetic considerations, circulation, information and entertainment, flex spaces, he was ignored and we were told to just “stick to the script.”

And then the obstructionists did everything in their power to derail the whole concept of a pedestrian space in the first place. Councilwoman and longtime promenade opponent Toni Iseman took the lead by questioning whether anyone knew it was a flood zone, and whether it was advisable to have a pedestrian space there – a new strategy that deviated from her normal objection that merchants would fail if customers couldn’t park right in front. Wait, that’s a flood zone? Who knew? And when the consultant overcame that objection by assuring her there would be engineering to address it, the usual “Merchants of No” hijacked the meeting and trotted out every other irrational reason why Forest worked better as a parking lot.  

Sitting in the front row, with his temperature rising to a slow boil, was the only other Council person in attendance, Bad Boy Peter Blake. If it had been either of the two other council people who voted yes for a permanent promenade (Sue Kempf or Bob Whalen), I’m sure they would have stood up and calmly reminded us that we weren’t there to re-litigate something that had already passed, but to instead move the project forward. But we had Genghis Khan in the room, who started screaming into the air that the “activists” were at it again, and instead of displaying a semblance of leadership, stomped out of the room, towing his dutiful wife Stephanie behind. What a statesman.  

But seriously, do we need consultants at all? They slow things down with a pedantic approach designed to justify their fees. We need a citizen design committee that brings forth a proposal to City Council, which, when approved, goes to engineering. It’s not rocket science, folks. We need to level the street with cute pavers, move the outdoor dining more to the center so that pedestrians can walk along the storefronts (to help the merchants), add lots of public seating and vignettes, amenities like coffee and street food carts, public art, a Laguna way finder kiosk, a stage, and plenty of planters. Make it all movable so we can occasionally lower the bollards and have special events, like a Wednesday evening farmers market that spills onto lower Park Ave. as well.

Let’s get rolling. This will be Laguna’s biggest achievement since the Montage and Treasure Island Beach Park, a real town center free from cars, pollution and noise. It will benefit the whole community for generations to come. And it will be beautiful. We just need leadership to get it over the finish line. 

Billy hosts Laguna Talks on Thursday nights on KXFM radio. He’s also the CEO of La Vida Laguna, an E-bike and ocean sports tour company. Email: [email protected].

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  1. Monsieur Fried – Our Leader Peter Is The Ticket to Growth. Quote Winston Churchill – “You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.”

    Let Our Leader Peter Move Mountains The Businessman’s Way.

  2. I have the only real life success suggestions for Forest that will work with or without traffic and it didn’t take any advanced urban planning degrees.

    1.) Bikini Stores, ten of ’em
    2.) Lingerie Boutiques, maybe another ten
    3.) Brazilian Waxing Salons, at least four
    4.) Hooters, just one
    5.) P.J. Clarkes
    6.) A Cigar Lounge
    7.) One of those bikini Coffee places like in Little Saigon
    8.) The West Coast Branch of Scores

  3. Yes Patrick, he stood up, and then promptly exited the room without a fight, not as a leader, but as a wimp.

    Warren, you may be on to something.

  4. Billy Fried, who was partially responsible for getting Peter Blake elected in 2018 (a decision, if I recall correctly, he later recanted on these pages?) has given us a great snapshot of Mr. Blake in Action. Laguna, Take heed. Any of the other 6 candidates would be a much better choice for Laguna. Let’s get back to a resident friendly city government.

  5. What Warren didn’t mention was a bar between each of each of the bikini store. On second thought a Hooters could be large enough to insure we will remain #1 in per capita DUI’s in OC.

    After all the cash cows (the residents) will continue to supply the subsidy and as long as the commercial enterprises can keep being subsidised with property taxes paid for by the residents why not? Let’s just start build parking structures with resident’s property taxes, keep adding city staff, and of course give businesses a free and I do mean free pass on parking requirements. The cash cows I.e the residents will keep paying the $25 million annually to help reduce our quality of life so the developers and commercial real estate make a enormous profits.

    The novel idea of having those who profit from tourism pay for the costs caused by the touristswould not go well with the developers. business enterprises, commercial building owners or the city council majority for obvious reasons. It is so much less expensive for the developers and their partners to spend a few hundred thousand dollars every two years to receive the annual $25 million subsidy.

  6. Wow!! Nice try Billy!

    For the record, I’ve supported the idea of closing Forest for years. I started attending the MIG meetings and was a supporter of the Allesssa parklet, which for me was the beginning of the closure of Forest. When the Council caved 3 months later, I was disappointed, but not surprised. Years later when Covid forced us indoors, the Promenade emerged as a way to bring us outdoors. We finally had a chance to realize what a walkable downtown and a town square could be like. We LOVED it! The Council voted for it to be permanent and the City staff began to work on it. We hired an architectural firm and then scheduled a resident workshop late in September so that everyone could attend and opine on its future. The meeting as you mentioned, was short on residents, and long on activists intent on derailing the Promenade. I came to the meeting very excited only to become increasingly frustrated at the direction it was taking. After an hour and a half of listening to all the bs, I decided I’d had enough and expressed myself. Sorry if it offended your woke sensibilities!

    Once I’d determined that the meeting wasn’t going anywhere, I left. Unlike you who inherited your money and merely have to plan trips to faraway places, I actually have to work for a living. I also work full-time helping run our community and am currently campaigning for reelection so that on November 8th Armando Baez and his tribe of authoritarians over at Village Laguna/Laguna Residents First, do not derail all of my efforts over the last 4 years and send our community back to the 70s.

    Billy, the good news for you is that there are 6 others that are running so you have plenty of options. Even better news for me is that I won’t need your vote to get reelected.

    Oh, and by the way as far as me being a wimp, are you for real? We both know I’m the strongest Councilman to ever serve Laguna. Don’t we? Even a true “wimp” like yourself knows that.

  7. Amando,
    Perhaps you didn’t read my column closely. The biggest impediment to progress in this town is you and your cronies. Luckily, there are at least 5 candidates who oppose Measure Q. What a colossal waste of time and energy this has been.

  8. Wow Peter, thanks for the history lesson. Nobody questioned your support of the Promenade, so you don’t have to justify it here. You sound more and more like Roger Butow with your lame personal attacks. Where do you get your info on my financial status? Have you noticed I have a business here?

    If you had the temperament, and were a leader instead of a whiner, you could have easily stood up and got that meeting on track. But you stormed out like a petulant child. Nice theatrics. That’s not tough. That’s surrender.

    I will give you credit for one thing: you did warn us that this is who you were, and you were not going to change. I just had no idea how bad it would be, how toxic and unhinged you are, and that you take your cues from the Orange orangutan and have to devolve every meeting into an embarrassing temper tantrum.

    You lost me when you got on Fox and threw your own town under the bus, calling Laguna the most liberal town in the most liberal state, which then brought every out of town whack job with a grudge to our city council meeting.

    When David Hanson wrote that we should vote based on who we would have for a dinner party, I agreed about Sue and Alex, but was shocked to hear your name, because you’re the crazy uncle who erupts and ruins the party.

    But I’m sure you have a good chance at finishing in at least third place and we’ll have to endure your childish antics another 4 years. Because so many can overlook decorum and civility and applaud belligerence. It’s just the sad times in which we live. For the record, I support most of your policies, and wish I could support you. But your behavior would never be tolerated in any board room, or in any corporate setting. You’d be sent packing. It’s sad that we have a different standard for public service.

    And by the way, try using another word besides activists for your adversaries. It would really make your argument seem more credible.

  9. armando baez

    Memo: We don’t want namby-pamby “why can’t we all get along” phonies anymore. It’s time to wipe the slate clean and stand up like men to move forward. We will relect TOUGH leaders. Cuz you don’t like tough talk or calling people out for being phony, get over it and get therapy.

  10. Again, with “the preservation of our village” angle. Who cares? Really, who cares? Why is it anyone’s business what business can operate on Forest? Laguna people need to put their money where their mouth is and butt out of capitalisms purpose. They get permit fees and taxes. So why not open Forest up to anything – bars, bars, bars, surf shops, chains, hell McDonalds. Get over what’s accepted as normal everywhere else, will ya people.

  11. So, Billy, it’s ok for you to make disparaging comments about me (Genghis Khan, wimp, whiner, bad boy, crazy uncle, petulant child, orangutan..) But I can’t respond in kind? Oh, I almost forgot, I’m a “public servant” and shouldn’t behave that way.

    You’re still bringing up the Council meeting where people came to fight for the flag being placed on our police cars. It obviously left life-long scars on your psyche. All those country-loving, flag-waving Americans just ruined your day. I’m sure it triggered your leftist sensitivities. Tyranny and anarchy were the words Toni Iseman used to describe that night lol

    Not sure if I’ll come in third as you’re predicting. I may lose or get the most votes as I did in 2018. As you mentioned, there are residents who “can overlook decorum and civility and applaud belligerence” and vote for someone who they feel can get the job done. You “support most of my policies”, yet you’ll vote for someone who cant, or won’t, get the job done? Billy, it’s not hard for people to accept a man who fights for his beliefs, even those accustomed to weak and woke hypocritical men like yourself who’ve become the norm, and no longer the exception. Given your lack of real-world political experience, I can see why you’re so misaligned.

    Civility is easy if you play nice with the political predators from Village Laguna/Laguna Residents First. I’m sure your preferred candidates can stand up to George Weiss, Toni Iseman, the Felders, or any of the other kingmakers vying to get their puppets elected. Right?

    After 4 years of serving our community, I’ve seen mostly “activists” in the Council Chamber and posting online. The vast majority of our residents vote for their preferred candidates and then entrust their elected officials and City staff to make decisions on their behalf.

    Why don’t you run for office instead of second-guessing those of us who serve? I’m sure your “arguments will seem more credible” when you have skin in the game and your ass in the hot seat. Until then, keep typing and loosen your panties a bit.

  12. Peter:
    Being compared to me means that you’re off-the-charts intelligent, have arrived as an influencer and thought leader, welcome to taking up residency, rent free, in the cluttered and crowded mind of Pope Billy The First!
    Sorry that it needs cleaning up, and is an unpleasant, jealously-riddled place with such an ugly “Weltenschauung” (world view).
    Imagine a person who extolls the NAMASTE of yoga, claims to be a practicing compassionate (“karuna” in Sanskrit) Buddhist?
    Yet when I asked him a few years back while we still had civil dialogue if he could tick off the 4 Noble Truths or the Eightfold Path of Buddhism, he drew a blank—so maybe the Emptiness of the Void (Shunyatta) is his head?
    And for all of that NAMASTE, peace love dove pacifism culture, where he should be “No Mas Nasty,” he seems to travel to expensive, upscale places (including his tony Cuernavaca ranchito, where ruling class Mexicans have 2nd homes), comes back and writes intentionally inflammatory columns.
    This is what hypocrisy looks like, lash out at others then play the vindictive victim.
    Columns apparently intended to anger a wide political spectrum, because he wasn’t loved enough as a child? Or per narcissistic personalities, ANY attention is good attention?
    Purposefully challenging, demeaning, disparaging or diminishing another man’s masculinity, perhaps he’s uncertain about his?
    And by calling men out that way, he seems to cowardly hide behind his computer.
    An equal opportunity poop-stirrer, he’s chauvinistically demeaned several high profile activist women in his columns and comments.
    Just like you, Peter, so he’s got THAT going for him yet takes you piously to the woodshed for the same behavior?
    He wrote about his heart problems and health condition a while back—so if one of the men he’s verbally assaulted and challenged actually caught him in public, I guess he’d run or grab his chest and flop? Sue for assault although he provoked the confrontation?
    So Peter, if I may suggest? Schadenfreude is where I’m at. Relish his discomfort.
    He’s obviously in pain, miserable, unhappy and dissatisfied—hence he lashes out because he refuses to see the darkness comes from within, he’s stuck in what Buddhist’s call his “monkey mind state.”
    If memory serve from my graduate studies, Taoism tells us wisely “If you can’t find happiness at your doorstep, take not one step further.”
    Mazel tov!

  13. Hey Mr. Irrelevance, how’s my biography coming? Please use a spell and fact checker. It’s unseemly how bad your writing has become. I may have to look for someone else.

  14. Billy- I believe most Laguna residents agree, we want to keep the promenade permanently. I agree that the Village Laguna MOB is well organized and gets great turnout at every city meeting and cost countless, unnecessary delays, which cost the residents. Village Laguna is our local cancel culture, they will shout anyone down that doesn’t agree with them.

    I’ve heard some of your interviews. You are an intelligent man, which is why I am surprised by some of your comments. I can sense you are upset, but projecting or blaming others that you agree with as far as making the promenade permanent isn’t going to change how it is. You can’t start characterizing someone, punching them and not expect them to punch back. Peter is running for re-election (like a job interview) and you’re sneezing in his backswing and saying, “you’re not civil”. So, you rather have someone that is “civil” like George Weiss or Toni but have policies that you totally disagree with? Peter didn’t send a letter to editor insulting you, you punched first. Now, it’s a free country and you can say what you want, but don’t be shocked when people defend themselves.

    So, if Sue and Bob were such great advocates, where were they that day? From what I heard they were busy raising money for Alex. They knew it was going to be a hostile crowd and didn’t want to take a political risk. Is attending a few hours worse than not attending at all? Wouldn’t it have been better if three council members were bearing the weight together rather than loading it on one person for the event? Almost all business operator in Laguna (including the Promenade) considers Peter the champion for their voices.

    So, if someone goes on FOX, it’s, “orange man bad, everything else is good”? You are much smarter than that. What it looked like to me Peter was willing to speak to whoever is willing to speak to him and he is calling balls and strikes the way he sees it….like you writing this article. I think it is also important to note he also spoke to a couple dozen other media outlets regarding the whole flag on police cars at that time.

    The corporate world is ruthless, and I don’t know where you are referring to. I love the businesses you run, but your recent board room experience is mostly paddle boards…so chill.

    As far as dinner with Sue and Alex, I like both too, but I kind of count them as one person. Bob controls Sue and Sue controls Alex. They are 100% in cahoots with each other.

    This is how you felt after one heated meeting, imagine dealing with this day in and day out. A lot of people elected Peter to fight this self-proclaimed aristocracy of Village Laguna, and I believe that is what he is doing. We can focus on our difference (which are minor and not fundamentally different) or we can focus on the similarity. Don’t let your frustration with Village Laguna push us apart. You guys are on the same team, just have different personalities and approaches, but ultimately looking to end up in the same place.

  15. Brian, Thanks for your thoughtful, reasoned comments – and staying on topic. You are correct. Peter was but a small part of my complaint. I have been advocating for a pedestrian promenade on Forest for 23 years – since I arrived here. I put a lot of volunteer time and effort into the test promenade (Park Plaza) a few years ago. Now that our moment has arrived to make Forest permanent, I feel called to participate and make it the best it can be, keep it on track, and guard against it being derailed. Yes I was disappointed that Bob or Sue weren’t there, because Peter doesn’t have the temperament or leadership to have righted the ship and move the meeting forward in a productive way. Storming out of the room is not how you solve problems. Instead he made a spectacle of himself that only further polarizes the community. We are on the same team, politically. But when you have a player who is disruptive, the team’s chemistry is destroyed and that player – regardless of how good he is – is sent packing. We have capable, thoughtful candidates in Sue, Alex, Louis and perhaps even Mark. Team players who can influence and make good policy with civility and decorum, not a carnival side show. Alex and Sue = 2 votes, BTW. Add Bob and that makes 3. A majority, without Peter. Civility and good policy are not mutually exclusive. Look at Sue and Bob. I want this town to return to a semblance of kindness and manners that reflect how lucky we all are to live here. None of these debates are life or death. We can agree to disagree. But we don’t have to cringe every time Peter plays the victim and erupts at how unfair life is. Or disparages other council members. That’s not what a council meeting is supposed to be. There’s a reason why civilization starts with civil. I believe the PACs that are forming to counter Village Laguna’s stranglehold are quite effective in presenting a counter view. As for the corporate world being ruthless and tolerant of temper tantrums, I disagree. Bad actors who spew insults and hate diatribes get canned. Even if its a lowly paddle board business. It’s only in government where there seems to be no levers to control bad behavior. Except elections.

  16. Baltimore Billy: A kinda of medium-sized, legend-in-his-own-mind kinda fish in this small pond called Laguna Beach. Unknown and has no power or influence beyond city limits. Never applied for, was appointed to or served on ANY LB commission, committee or ad hoc. Maybe because be only lives here part time, just passing through, so ditto for a run at City Council?
    Billy who? Never heard of him.
    He has time to irritate and outrage, that’s his redundant schtick when in town, but has no time to sink in his roots, assist consensus or collaboration, to help this berg. Wants to turn us into wherever he goes when away. Somewhere else.
    90% of those who write LTE or guest columns, who post comments like here, I assume do so out of sincere fealty to Laguna?
    No, Chris Q., George Dubin, Michael Ray, Joe Hanauer, Peter Blake, etc. and myself have opposite views on a lot of things. So what?
    I think we all DO live here year round, don’t slip out the back door for weeks on end because someplace else is always a better choice? That’s NOT commitment, that’s transparent posing. Like totally bogus dude.
    A transplant, first he landed in Santa Monica, couldn’t exploit that place, maybe they saw through you, so you drifted downcoast, where you thought that we could be grifted, duped and conned due to all of the pot smoke?
    And set up shop as La Vida Laguna although knowing nothing about us excepting distorted MTV imagery (The Real Laguna). Sheep to be shorn, fleeced?
    But you did smell $$$, wasn’t that your prime motivator?

    Roger Bütow? Definitely not irrelevant. Granted now a small fish but in a LARGE regional pond, primarily South OC. By choice, I outgrew Laguna professionally and spiritually, preferred to try and positively affect the entire region.
    Took environmental protection on the road like Paul in the Bible. My NGO’s mission statement is my compass. We delivered here, and we’ve delivered regionally. And not always as destructive activists but as facilitators of positive change.
    Known somewhat in Central OC I might add. I was appointed and served for the largest water district in OC, on OC Water District’s prestigious Poseidon Desalination review committee circa 2015.
    I was also appointed and served on South Coast Water District’s Sustainability Committee circa 2017.
    I was one of 20 people within the entire domain of the SD Regional Water Quality Control Board (Cal EPA) Stormwater Permit Task Force to be appointed. We met monthly for nearly a year in 2012-2013.
    One of only 2 from SOC—CoastKeeper being the other, so definitely on par with that NGO. Are they irrelevant in Billy’s world too?
    Appointed by the same SDRWQCB to a 5 member panel at an all day Recycled Water Conference out in Mission Viejo circa 2016, hosted by the largest water district in SOC, 2nd largest in all of the OC, Santa Margarita.
    Paid to speak at other conferences, including underwriting room and board if remote.
    I challenge you and others who continue to diminish/disparage me or my NGO, we have a 25 year history of vibrant ecological protection. Look up my record: Dizzy Dean said “It ain’t bragging if you can do it.” Muhammed Ali in the same vein said “It ain’t bragging if you done it.”
    Recognized as a respected professional land use analyst, not just in the water industry, but by every oversight/regulatory agency Board/Commission and their staffs.
    I co-authored the $88,000 Wetlands Recovery Grant (seed money), along with the City’s (then) Senior Water Quality Analyst, Craig Justice about 15 years ago—-the one that eventually funded the rehab of the section of Laguna Canyon Creek adjacent to the Bark Park. I think Bob Borthwick knows that?
    I’ll call out anyone critical of me to address what Billy won’t because it would debunk his myth: Pick up your phone or write to ANY General Manager of ANY SOC water utility, even city council members, I’m not irrelevant to them and in fact have a positive contribution track record among them.
    Numerous environmentally-related awards and accolades by OC media, the OC Grand Jury, the Cal Coastal Commission.
    I’ve worked professionally for multiple homeowner associations/NGOs in SOC (Laguna, Dana Point, El Cariso Village/Upper Ortega, Lake Elsinore, Lyle Creek, San Juan Capo, Newport Beach), including the Sierra Club affiliates near Cook’s Corners, Modjeska Canyon, Silverado Canyon plus Holy Jim Canyon.
    Worked for those great folks, the No Toll Road Through San Clemente HOAs/PACs for over a year, closely with their legal team and halted the 241 at Oso Parkway.
    A true professionally paid writer for multiple OC publications over the years.
    PS: Thank you, Brian Hoffman. I don’t think that we know each other, maybe don’t agree on a lot——–but you patiently wrote a very cogent and intelligent plea. I doubt Billy will listen or take your advise, but you exemplify what I try to keep in mind: There are those who for whatever reason, either moved, were born here or near here (like me), have sunk in their roots responsibly, and hold not just themselves but others accountable.
    I don’t think that infantile, crib style, diaper detritus/material tossing is the way to go.
    And FYI: Due to Brown Act restrictions/guidelines, 3 council members in one place at one time confabbing? That would would constitute a majority of elected officials and if not publicly noticed or posted as a formal hearing, would be an illegal quorum, subject to civil sanctions. Like we need more of those, right?

  17. Roger please don’t disparage yourself as a small fish. Even though you weren’t born here (but near here), you’re good enough, you’re smart enough, and doggone it people like you!

  18. Adios, Billy Boy!
    My last posting in this daisy chain. I promise.
    See I have to prepare for a Cal Coastal Commission meeting next week that might well end up in an appellate hearing and/or courtrooms. A possible federal venue because it might be determined that it’s in violation of the US Coastal Management Act….silly me, that’s probably not of interest to you and probably over your pay grade/comprehension level, right?
    I’ve served Mother Nature these past 25 years, especially focused on our native coastal ecosystems and near coastal watershed biota.
    The Whaleman Foundation was a co-founder of Clean Water Now, ever look up their résumé?
    Then too, I served in the US military—-and you? No. Why not?
    Ever been a cop, lifeguard, EMT, fireman? No? Why not? Everyone should at some level offer up their lives for a significant duration to this great nation.
    I bet many here have, that’s part of what I believe is being a patriot. Serve where you might be needed, especially in disadvantaged community emergencies?
    I don’t think that monetizing and profiting from the ocean (La Vida Laguna) is exactly service, is it?
    Speaking of pay, full disclosure, how much does the INDY or that radio station pay you? Professional wages or?
    Kinda funny too, that as you were rolling into Laguna I was providing environment oversight, was the fragile marine habitat watchdog during the 20 months of construction at The Montage.
    You, OTOH, came down there shortly after it opened, set up shop without a license/permit, rented kayaks to unknowledgeable tourists who chewed through a designated State Marine Reserve (Treasure Island) flailing around where they shouldn’t.
    Then you got caught, tossed by the CCC I think?
    Oh, and Transition Laguna? Whatever happened? I do know that you, with CC woman Jane Egly’s help, wrested control from several founding Board members at the non-profit, in a hostile manner.
    Sean McCracken and Les Miklosy were’t looking to exploit, they too were focused on a higher purpose, bettering not exploiting this jewel.
    If you do leave, please don’t let the screen door hit you on the way out.
    Yer pal,

  19. Billy- THANK YOU, for you reasoned reply. I can always apricate different opinions, or even agree to disagree. If I may I would like to unpack some of your reply as I see it.

    Bob and Sue weren’t there because they always put Peter to the fire to do the dirty work. They create a problem and then act like they are solution. So often they send Peter to fight the battles and then say, “Peter calm down”. It looks like they start a problem just to be a solution. That’s what they did here. Keep in mind I think they are great people and much better to many alternatives. Bob in his time in city council prior to these past four years what were the major accomplishments or was he any direction the political winds told him to lean towards. Sue, in planning commission what did she accomplish? Taking credit for fire plan…she did that solo?? What next stand on someone’s shoulders and call herself tall? Again, best options to alternative, but let’s keep it real.

    Alex + Sue = 2 votes is correct, but like I said and I believe you outlined they are one voice, I don’t want candidate to just fall in line with every agenda item I/we want, I’m just looking for similar core values, not a gang on one side or the other. All though, I can’t think of many times where Peter Bob and Sue haven’t voted together, maybe a couple disagreements which is okay.

    Louis nice guy, but not strong in my opinion. Mark is the one I was laughing at, he is endorsed by Village Laguna..says he’s against Q , if I’m not mistaken and probably prior to this he was also a lifelong registered republican (only by name). To me it seems like he is none of these things. This is a guy that claims to be loyal to all but is ultimately faithful to none. Listen to him speak, his circular definitions are a joke, “we need to plan on making a plan so we can be well planned.” “We’re in the business of doing business and its nobody’s business”.hahaha His word salads are worse than Kamal Harris. He is willing to SAY anything to win. When he doesn’t have Paul Freeman writing for him, he’s weak. We watched him fade in the evenings on those later debates, how is he going to handle the demanding schedule of the city council in his current condition…he’s not going to get in better shape with time. You had to have read the article where he though we needed 394 affordable units…which I not against, but he has basic things wrong and he’s wrong for this city.

    We can agree to disagree on the corporate environment, you don’t hear many stereotypes about how cutthroat it isn’t, and people just always work out their differences. They are sharks….and when you end up in litigation that is much worse that someone saying words….what’s worse, someone calling you a liar, or foreclosing on your family’s home because of a mistake you made at work. I like the sports analogy, but you don’t fire a coach or player when you are winning super bowl…. maybe some high school coach does that, but not in the pros. Remember what Bill Parcels said, “You are only as good as the score board says you are.” We’re putting wins on the board. For once Village Laguna can’t force city council to do what they want. Let keep this winning team going, that you for your thoughts and GO LAGUNA!!

  20. This thread is exactly why Our Leader Peter Is the Ticket To Growth for Us Educated Voters. To much time on their hands, right?


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