Hams Tune in For Emergencies


Hams Tune in For Emergencies

The ToastMasters Club
The ToastMasters Club

Laguna Beach’s licensed amateur radio operators (known as hams) intend to participate in Field Day Saturday, June 28, the oldest emergency preparedness exercise in the United States and Canada.  Now, as they have for the past 16 years, the Laguna Beach Emergency Communications Team will operate off the grid using solar battery powered stations from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. at Alta Laguna Park.

All operations will be conducted using the call sign N6L, which is unique to Field Day and has been assigned exclusively to Laguna Beach since 2007, according to John Kountz, the team’s chief radio officer.

In 2013 Field Day operations completed more than 1.2 million radio messages in 24 hours to demonstrate reliable radio communications under less than favorable “simulated emergency conditions,” he said.

Public participation is welcome. Boy Scouts visiting the station may work toward acquiring the radio merit badge.

For additional info: 494-8783, or [email protected].

The Toasts Continue

Open houses to gather members for a new Toastmasters Club are continuing at the Laguna Beach Library from 6-7:30 p.m. on Mondays. Twenty members are needed to charter as an official Toastmasters club.

“Toastmasters has such a great reputation for helping everyone overcome their fear of public speaking,” said Dennis Bogle, city building official who attended the initial open house meetings. “I’m confident that the program will help me with my public speaking duties here at the city,” he said

Local Toastmasters demonstrate how a typical club meeting works and answer questions. Refreshments are served and free parking is available.

To learn more, call Jon Gilliom, Laguna Beach Librarian (949)497-1733 or John Barry at Toastmasters, (714)457-2279.

Solar Lights the Way for PMM

The Pacific Marine Mammal Center has installed 59 solar panels, which will reduce its electric bill by $500 a month. As a result of a partnership with Planet Earth Solar and Residents Organized for a Safe Environment, $30,000 was raised to cover the cost.

“Not only will we save a significant portion of funding that can now be reallocated towards animal care and education, we hope to inspire others to do the same, and minimize our footprint on the environment,” said Executive Director Keith Matassa.

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