Happy Birthday Will Taylor Bonsey



Nov. 30 would have been Will’s 21st birthday, a day he was looking forward to.

In his honor our family would like to take this day to thank the wonderful community of Laguna Beach.

Will was so grateful for the support and understanding he received when he was fighting his illness. And we are so blessed for the love and support our family has received with his passing. Each and every person who has reached out to us is part of a warm embrace that caught us as we were falling.

The paddle out that was held for Will was an incredible example of how very real it is that we are all one family bonded by our love and humanity. We will never forget that morning. It was such a cold, windy and gloomy morning. The ocean was so stormy and uninviting; it was almost daring people to get in. The determination people had to be there for Will was unwavering. With love in their hearts and surfboard under their arm, I looked at everyone there and thought,  “Oh my god, if it was snowing and there were icebergs in the ocean these people would paddle out for Will.”

I have often thought how appropriate the weather conditions were that day. Will believed in honesty and real commitment. That is what he gave and that is what he wanted in return. That is exactly what he received as he looked down that day.

The love, quite strength and solidarity in our community is something we are all so blessed to be a part of.

To quote one of the many thoughts which Will put down on paper:  “Love is all around, just take a step outside.”

We want to extend our love and blessings to everyone who has reached out to our family and are so thankful for yours.


If you know of someone who is suffering from C.F.I.D.S., ME/CFS, please reach out to them with the following information.  This neuro-immune disease has taken many lives, but there is new research, treatment and hope.


Dr. Andreas Kogelnick /Open Medicine Institute, Mountain View, CA.




Dr. Jose Montoya at Stanford University http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Riybtt6SChU&feature=player_embedded



Dr. A. Martin Lerner/CFS Treatment Center, Michigan



Erin Bonsey, Laguna Beach

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